An unique construction of the band saw machine with three pulleys for leading of the blade. This conception enables high penetrability of the arm with the blade that is 10 grades  sloped against the basement of the vice. Thanks to this the machine is suitable for a powerfull cutting of profiles H,L and fourside and round tubes.


  • Robust construction of the machine including vice part is designed so that it enables maximal use of bimetal blades.
  • The arm is leaded in linear leadings. Working movement between the upper and down position are electronically regulated.
  • There are three pulleys made from cust iron.  
  • Leading of blade is in hard-metal plates.
  • Beams of of the blade quides are adjustable in all working extend.
  • A cleaning brush is driven by an electroengine and ensures perfect cleaning of a blade.  
  • Drive by a worm gear box with a permanent oil filling, three phase engine with termoprotection, frequency converter for a setting of circumferential cutting speed 20-100m/min.
  • The vice with a longstroke hydraulic cylinder. A press of a vice is hydraulically regulated.
  • There is a 64 bit controll system that regulates an automatic feed of the arm toward the cut and ensures the communication with an external equipment of the machine.

Basic equipement of machine: 

  • blade,
  • Light above the working place.
  • set of tools,
  • manual instructions.

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