from 25 ID up to 90 mm OD

Protem presents US25 portable pipe bevelling machine. It is the world's most powerful, sturdy, dependable and adaptable bevelling and facing machine. The US 25 covers a broad range of diameters between 0.5 ID to 3 OD (12.5-90 mm). The standard tool plate can accommodate multiple tool bits and allow up to four machining tasks at one time. These tasks can be bevelling, counterboring, facing, OD chamfering, compound bevelling, removing weld joints on tube sheets, and extending of tubes on tube sheets. 

The US25 has a self-accepting torque design and a built-in drive motor. The US25 offers high performance and repeatable weld preparations on all material types such as super duplex, stainless steel duplex, P91, inconel, etc. It has been built by working closely with the users. It undergoes user testing and are 100% approved by users. It has a machining capacity of between 25 mm ID - 90 mm OD or 1’’ ID to 3’’ OD, and clamping capacity of between 25 mm ID - 107 mm ID or 1’’ ID to 4.2’’ OD. Optional mandrels are available from 12.5mm (0.5”.)
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